Owner LP Mallorca

Matthias Waechter

Matthias Waechter has been an integral part of the real estate business on the island of Mallorca since 2014 and, together with his wife Cassandra Waechter and his staff, ran the original family company MSM exclusivo very successfully in Andratx from 2014-2019.

With the move to the east coast of the island and the resulting differently structured market (wider price range than in the southwest), the company MSM exclusivo became pioneering in LP Mallorca, the "L" stands for the name of the son, Leonard, the "P" for Propietats (mallorquin / catalan, in english: real estate), restructured.

Matthias Waechter lost his heart to Mallorca as a child and truly knows every corner of the island. Since emigrating at the beginning of 2014, he has known how to advise and look after his customers with a clear conscience and concentrated expertise. In eight years now he is still with 100% of his customers "by you"!

Matthias Waechter looks forward to your contact!

Head of customer care

Cassandra Waechter

Cassandra Waechter has been working in the family business in the real estate sector on the island of Mallorca since 2014 and ran the family business MSM exclusivo in Andratx very successfully from 2014-2019 before it was integrated into the family business LP Mallorca with the move to the east coast of Mallorca.

Cassandra Waechter knows every corner of the island and can advise and support you as a customer.